1938 Calendar - Aux Training Manual - NEW issue with added amendments and details


This is the most illustrated of the three training manuals that were issued.

An obvious difference between the 1937 Calendar and the 1938 was the amount of information given to Auxiliers in the application of their stores.

Many ideas developed by experience over the two previous were detailed, including novel booby traps such as a No.36 grenade placed with its pin removed and contained inside an empty food tin. The tin was tied to a tree or convenient post and a wire attached to the grenade stretched across a path or road. When ‘tripped’, the wire simply pulled the grenade out of the tin – and exploded. In another, a ‘double’ trap allowed an enemy to find one wire only to walk into another.

This is a brand new 48 page rare reproduction A5 size. One page has a tiny part of the text missing at the top. This exclusive new edition has added pages from CART research that gives amendments and corrections. 

NOTE: the three "Calendar" training manuals are available in a special bundle of 3, and also a bundle of 5 along with the The Art of Guerrilla Warfare Handbook and The Partisan Leader's Handbook.


Price: £7.50